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Purpose, Mission, Vision

Our Mission

Our Purpose

Owls Head Mountain View Community Connection provides, promotes, and supports programs, events, and activities that enhance the sense of community and quality of life of residents of the communities of Owls Head and Mountain View, New York. The focus of our work is Patsy's Place, the sustainable Community Center at the former St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Owls Head.


As a volunteer-led 501(c)(3) we apply for, receive, and administer individual, private, foundation, and government grants, and solicit and raise funds to be used to achieve our dream. 

Owls Head Mountain View Community Connection fosters a sense of place and enriches the quality of life of families, friends, and visitors. At our Community Center we plan, fund, and offer four-season programs and activities to increase community vitality, provide opportunities for socializing, and encourage life-long-learning and healthy living in a safe, easily accessible location, close to home.

Our Vision

OHMV Community Connection is a resident-driven catalyst for change. We offer, foster and support activities, programs, and events that build community and economic vitality and wellbeing.

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