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Since we began accepting donations in July 2022, so far we have raised more than $50,000.00

With sincere gratitude, we thank each and every one of you for helping us reach our goals!

Daniel Abels

Daniel J. Applegate

Peter Amour

Frank Anthony

Deborah B. Athens

Joel and Anna Avery

Jack Ballard

Mark and Nancy Beddoe

Barbara Belanga ET AL 

Kenneth J. Bell

Lance and Mary Bradt

Catherine Bump

David Burke

Dalbert Butterfield

Phyllis D. Carley

Judy Clark

Michael and Valorie Colligan

Colligan Family Trust

Lynn Cook

John and Eileen Costa

Marion Delisle

Melodie M. Delong

Marie Devries

Raymond A. Dow

Richard Dufore

Mary Anne Duso

Ellis Automotive Inc. 

Ann J. Emory

George Fellion

Janet Fox

Gayle Fredenburgh-Vickers

Andrew Freeman

Susan D. Fuller

William Fuller

Christina A. Gehrke

Andrew Glendinning


Ellen Glendinning

Robert and Heather Glendinning

Sandra D. Glendinning

Good Ole July 4 Vendors

Shelley Hazen

Christine Holden

Marjorie Hutchins

Greg Janesewski

Mary Ann Johnson

Donna Lewis

Kilburn Lodge

Robert S. Kyff

Dana and Sean Leary

Carl J. Ladue

Lisa Laflesh

Shirley Lamitie

Richard and Marilyn Lane

Gregory I. Langdon

John Langlois

Frank and Karen Leaycraft

Donna Lewis

Eric, Darlene and Bernadine Livernois

Earl Livernois

Albert and Linda Macica

Barbara N. Malatesta

Malone AMVETS Auxiliary

Nancy and Roy Malpass

Market Barn 

Randy R. Marlowe

Mark C. McDowell

John S. Mell

Carla M. Milljour

Robert Moore

Floyd D. Morter

Thomas Munschauer

Peter Naughton

Network for Good

NYS-Bellmont MVI Lakes Foundation

Lisa Osiecki

Owls Head United Methodist Church

William and Susan Perkins

Kimberly Phaneuf

Pollic Revoc Living Trust-John and Lucia 

Patrick D., Cody, and Ryan Quinn

David Remington

Remote Acres Inc. 

H. Bruce Russell 

Beverly Ryan-Anderson

Marcie Ryan

Jeffrey Scharf

Paul E. Schnalzer

Michael Schuckers

Michelle and Stefan Schumacher

Margaret Shaner

Robert G. Spampata

Derek Sprague

Julie Tamler

Carl and Eileen Thrower

Mary and Steve Valley

Denis J. Vanier

Thomas Vanschaick

Eleanor Wall

Mary E. Wanzer

David and Amy Webb

Mark Wells

Ellen Werley

John and Cathie Werley

John Weston 

Christopher Wilson

Scott M. Wright

Adam Zeff

If you have made a donation and are not listed here we apologize.
Please let us know by email:

Donations made in memory of: 

Donald Cook by Lynn Cook 

Marcia Wagner by Patrick, Cody and Ryan Quinn

Myron Purdy by Mary Anne Duso

Jim Morrison by Daniel Abels 

Mr. and Mrs. Dalbert Butterfield Jr. by Dalbert Butterfield

Kenneth Hutchins by Randy Marlowe

Earl and Patricia Livernois by Darlene, Eric and  Bernadine Livernois

Earl and Patricia Livernois by Earl Livernois

Richard and Sandra Dufore by Richard Dufore

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