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Community Center Four Pillars


OHMV Community Center

  • Promotes community engagement

  • Provides a comfortable, easily accessible, safe, centralized location

  • Encourages and supports broad-based participation of community members in planning and community development

  • Helps boost the local economy

OHMV Community Center

  • Is the place for friends, families, and visitors to meet and spend good times together, celebrate life events, and family traditions

  • Increases opportunities for social interaction such as congregate meals, movie nights, food bingo close to home


OHMV Community Center

  • Encourages informal and structured personal learning experiences for fresh interests and skills

  • Provides opportunities for community members to share their talents & skills for hobbies, arts & crafts, cooking and life-styles.

  • Enhances opportunities and broader access to computers, high-speed internet, technology, and social media.


OHMV Community Center

  • Provides opportunities for organized and casual sports and recreation

  • Offers programs, presentations, and activities that encourage healthy lifestyles
  • Supports social indicators of well-being

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