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Our Shared Values

     At one of our community gatherings participants brainstormed the many aspects of life in Owls Head and Mountain View we find most important and consistently share.

     These Shared Values were used to create the icon that is part of Owls Head Mountain View Community Connection identity.

In early discussions of the vision for the Community Center, a resident whose generations of family have supported St. Joseph's Catholic Church, made the comment, "This will be the Heart of the Community again." That purpose and goal continue to be our inspiration and our motivation.


Neighborliness, Respectful, Multiple generations

Represented by the welcoming door with the warm lights


Long histories of settlement, growth, change

Represented by the outline of the former St. Joseph's Catholic Church, key to the community since the early 1920s

Four Season Life Style

Recreation, celebrations, day-to-day activities all driven by our very distinctive climate Represented by varying shades of green, band of snow

Gifts from Nature

Our abundant lakes, streams and waterways; mountains and peaks; brilliant, broad open vistas; clear, clean day and nighttime skies, wildlife, flowers, fruites, and trees

Represented by blue for water, green for fields and forests; the star-studded sky

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