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Experiencing the Eclipse at the Community Center

Kids Solar Snack Attack Party

Sunday April 7 2:00-4:00

Eclipse inspired activities

Out of this World Treats

Make Space Junk Bags for sale at the Eclipse Totality!

Totality! Celebration

Sunday, April 8

Fly Me to The Moon
Music, Activities, Refreshments, Bake Sale

Solar Eclipse Viewing Safety

  • View the Sun through eclipse glasses or a handheld solar viewer during the partial eclipse phases before and after totality.

  • You can view the eclipse directly without proper eye protection only when the Moon completely obscures the Sun’s bright face – during the brief and spectacular period known as totality. (You’ll know it’s safe when you can no longer see any part of the Sun through eclipse glasses or a solar viewer.)

  • As soon as you see even a little bit of the bright Sun reappear after totality, immediately put your eclipse glasses back on or use a handheld solar viewer to look at the Sun.

For details on Solar Eclipse Viewing Safety go to the NASA site:

Solar Eclipse Totality! What to expect

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About the Experience of Totality.


Solar Eclipse for Beginners

Solar Eclipse Photography Tips

OHMV Community Connection offers tthis information and these links to help your viewing experience of the 2024 total Solar Eclipse. We cannot be held responsible for not following these guidelines.

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